Booking Rates

Vending Option
      Basic Frankenstand set-up
                 All Items Available
                Customer pays individually
                Booker guarantees sales

         *Minimum requirement of sales
         Weekend Booking/Weekday Dinner: $700
                          Weekday Lunch: $500
     *Booker pays any remaining balance by end of shift
Catering Options

The Franken Feast

Choose Dr. Franken
or Young Franken
(Large or Small Frankfurter)
$2 add chips
$2 add drinks
All Condiments Included 

Ghoul'd for backyard parties, cocktail parties,
kid parties, etc.

Two-Headed Creature

Choose Any Two Menu Items!
$1 add chips
$1 add drinks
All Condiments Included

Ghoul'd for picnics, art shows, corporate lunches, etc.

The Monster Party

All You Can Eat!
Open Menu
All Menu Items Available
Drinks/Chips Included

Ghoul'd for Holiday parties, Weddings, Birthday Parties, etc.
All Catering Options Start at a Minimum of 40 People.
Two Hours Serving Time for All Events.
Additional Hour(s) of Service May Be Added For Extra Charge

50% Down Payment Required For All Bookings
All Booking Must Be Made Within One Week Prior To Event
Booking Confirmation Based On Availability

Everything is 100% VEGAN