Vending Option

Basic Frankenstand set-up.

Open Menu - All items available.

Customer pays individually.  Booker must guarantee sales,

per time/day minimum requirements* 

Parking must be reserved by booker.  If sales do not meet minimum requirements, 

Booker will pay remaining balance at end of shift.

*Minimum Requirements of Sales

Per Catering/Vending Appointments.

Booker must guarantee minimum threshold.

Weekend Booking & Weekday Dinner $500

Weekday Lunch Booking $300



Creature Frank Only

(traditional hot dog)

$2 to add side (chips)

$2 to add drinks

All condiments included.

Great for backyard parties, cocktail parties, kid parties, etc.



Choice of two franks

(Hot dog, Beer Brat or Italian Sausage)

Chips Included

$2 to add drinks

All condiments included.

Great for picnics, art shows, corporate lunches, etc.

Franken Feast


All you can eat!

Open Menu

All franks-Drinks-Chips


Great for Holiday parties, weddings, birthday parties, etc.

(All "Catering Options" start at a minimum of 40 people)

Two hours serving time for all events.

Additional hour(s) of service may be added for additional charge.

18-22% service charge for all catering bookings.

50% Down payment required for all bookings.

All booking must be done at least one week prior to event. Booking confirmation based on availability.

Everything at Frankens is 100% vegan